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Slow Down To Enjoy Travel

Slow down to enjoy travel and make your journey more meaningful and memorable.  Slow travel brings us back to some of the reasons why travel is important. What is Slow Travel Slow travel helps you embrace a mindset that erases the feeling of travel fatigue …

What is in Gottweig Abbey?

What is in Gottweig Abbey? You’ll be surprised – there are lots to see and explore! We had a chance to visit this historic abbey during the Danube River Cruise that we took a couple of years ago; a uniquely relaxing and enriching experience for …

What’s in Salzburg, Austria?

Our Viking Romantic Danube River Cruise we took three years ago provided us a chance to discover what’s in Salzburg, Austria. As fans of the movie The Sound of Music, we did not miss the opportunity to head out to nearby Salzburg when our cruise …

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