Slow Down To Enjoy Travel

Slow down to enjoy travel and make your journey more meaningful and memorable.  Slow travel brings us back to some of the reasons why travel is important.

What is Slow Travel

Slow travel helps you embrace a mindset that erases the feeling of travel fatigue so that you can fully immerse yourself in your experiences, contrasts traditional ideas of tourism, and encourages one to soak in environments while still being open to new experiences. Travel has become a prevalent part of life for very many people. This trend has significantly increased with the advancement in technology. At a glance, you will find some full of travel Instagram accounts that are showcasing the most beautiful places in the world.

Slow travel transforms you from being just a tourist who is merely visiting a place to see the highlights. It enables you to have an attitude and outlook that gives priority to carrying out activities.  It allows you more time to meet and socialize with local people, learn their language, understand and follow their culture, and many more. It just requires being open to experiences than a simple planned trip to see a particular destination.

Myths Surrounding Slow Travel

There are a lot of myths about slow travel. The list below outlines some of the more common ones.

Slow travel requires a minimum of 7 days

You do not have to spend a certain amount of time at a given place for it to qualify as slow travel. Slow travel refers more to an approach and mindset which can be applied in all types of trips. It can even be any kind of trip, even an outing in your local town. Shorter trips slow travel can serve as a great practice in preparation for the longer trips you plan to go for.

Slow travel means moving at the slowest pace

This myth makes many people misinterpret the concept behind slow travel. On the contrary, slow travel refers to moving at the required speed. It’s about pacing rather than rushing and about figuring out the balance of moving between too slow and too fast pace.

Slow travel gets considered as anti-technology

There’s a vast difference that tries to cut across digital minimalism and the use of technology in full. What digital minimalism advocates for technology to be used as a tool rather than being used by technology. Technology will add a spark to your travel, but it should not take over the entire experience.

Benefits Associated With Slow Travel

A budget-friendly mode of travel

Though this is not usually the main aim of slow travel, it comes on top of the least of the most affordable ways to travel. By staying at one place for some time, you save some money. Minimal movement cuts the costs of transport since you are not moving around frequently.

When you are staying longer at a place, you can negotiate a cheaper accommodation deal. While on a slow travel tour, you can look for rooms away from the tourist attractions and areas that are not necessarily in the city centers. This means you will be able to get a very fair and cheap deal for your accommodation.

You also save quite a lot by staying in homestays or Airbnb’s rather than stay in hotels in major city centers. The price is quite different, and it can surprise you. Also, these places can sometimes offer kitchen and laundry services. This means you can save even further by purchasing fresh food from local markets and cooking it yourself. A slow journey enables you to interact with locals who can recommend the best restaurants around that are not overly expensive.

A more in-depth experience

The main advantage of slow travel is that you get a fabulous and more profound connection with the place. Visiting a place and starting learning the people’s culture is more rewarding than seeing the area for hours or a day as a visitor.

When you travel and visit a tourist attraction in any country, you will only enjoy the highlight of the attraction. Slow travel will help you learn more about the place and discover other related interests unknown to visitors. Slow travel avails time for you to chat with the locals and learn more about them rather than stomping at once and leaving the attraction site for the next destination.

Slow down to enjoy travel - local food

More relaxing and less stressful

Many people often find themselves rushing around to visit the sights they intend to see in just a few days. This makes the whole experience exhausting, and by trying to cover them all, you end up not enjoying the experience as you have earlier planned.

Slow travel is incredible. You will have ample time to sleep, then wake up and go for a morning jog or swim. This ensures that you are maintaining fitness while on your travel. If you just had a long trip whether, on flight or driving, you will be able to combat travel burnout if you are under slow travel.

Slow travel is sustainable tourism

Slow travel does very well for the environment. It allows you to catch a train or catch a bus rather than flying. This is an eco-friendly way of reducing your carbon footprint. Traveling on a train, for instance, allows you to meet up with locals. You will begin chatting with people longer since you are not in a rush.

Slow Down To Enjoy Travel

As discussed above, myths about slow travel abound, but they are just that – myths.  On the other hand, benefits that you can derive definitely are quite a handful.

You come to realize that slow travel is about a journey and not a destination. This means that you are not merely excited about the place you are going to, but you are also happy about the means you will use to get there, the people you mingle with, the sights you visit, and the experiences you have all through the way. It’s about slowing down and acknowledge the chance of experiencing the way of life of the place you have visited – the advantages of slow travel.

Schedule for a slow travel tour and enjoy them all.

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