The Best Places to Travel in Europe

Europe always attracts a lot of visitors. As countries start to lift restrictions and you planning for a European trip, for sure the question foremost in mind would likely: what are the best places to travel in Europe?

We all refrained from travel for months of lockdown and travel restrictions.  People now look forward to releasing their pent-up desire.  Nevertheless, we all should continue to practice the required protocols.  If you intend to travel to Europe, good and safe options exist. Read on and find out some places to consider.

Algarve (Portugal)

Many people do not realize Algarve stands as Portugal’s most famous region, famed for its amazing beaches of white sand and warm waters. As part of a country that has 90 people per square kilometer density, it is a great destination to visit. Being one of the places in Europe that has the purest air, you can improve your respiratory health when you visit this place, being the home for pine and eucalyptus trees. This sun-drenched area serves also as ideal for trekking, surfing, golf, and other outdoor sports activities.

Azores Islands (Portugal)

The Best Places to Travel in Europe - Azores Waterfalls
The Azores, an autonomous region and an archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is in fact a portion of an underwater volcano. Least affected by COVID-19 (just like Algarve), the islands offer dramatic landscapes, fishing villages, green pastures, hedgerows of blue hydrangeas, crystal-clear beaches, and one of the largest whale sanctuaries. You can surely get close to nature and can stay away from the crowd at this destination.

Antalya (Turkey)

If you are someone interested in both city-life and a beach holiday, Antalya can be the right destination in Europe for you. Its vast sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters contribute to the popularity of this place among people from across the world. If history-related stuff interests you, the Greek and Roman ruins that surround Antalya will meet your preferences. Many outdoor attractions and the possibility of activities will keep your kids engaged at this destination.

Budapest (Hungary)

If you wish to visit a place with a rich historical and architectural heritage, you can pencil in this destination and you will surely love it. We can attest to that.  We had to extend our stay here after we disembarked from a Danube river cruise we took a couple of years back.

The incomparable combination of blooming gastronomy and culture along with world heritage sites will keep you excited at this city that is one of the best places to travel in Europe post the Corona pandemic lockdown. This place offers the elegance of Paris along with the architectural heritage of Vienna.

Corfu (Greece)

Greece is also one of the European countries that were least affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Corfu is an island off Greece’s northwest coast characterized by rugged mountains and a resort-studded shoreline. It is ideal for relaxation, sun, and nature. Its air quality is three times better than central Paris, and its population density is 23 times lower than in London. The ideal time to visit Corfu is the months of May to August. September and April should be avoided as they are very rainy.

Cork (Ireland)

If you want an Irish vacation that is more than just a typical city break, the best thing you can do is to plan your visit to Cork. It is the second-largest city and in the south-west of Ireland, and has a reputation as being the country’s food capital. If you have kids to take along, they will love outdoor activities like windsurfing and kayaking at this destination. Further, there is something to satiate you and your spouse as well. The dramatic natural landscape in this destination, along with coastlines, mountains, and everything natural, will ensure a relaxing vacation to you and your family.

The Best Places to Travel in Europe - Cork Ireland

Lofoten Islands (Norway)

Lofoten is yet another dream destination for many travelers from around the world. It is an archipelago famed for its dramatic sceneries of mountains and peaks, open sea, bays, beaches, and untouched lands. This peaceful and quiet place is inhibited just by a few fishermen and is known for excellent fishing. Northern lights and the midnight sun are also some of the natural attractions you can target.

Parga (Greece)

Parga is in the northwestern part of the regional unit of Preveza in Epirus, northwest Greece. It is only around 60 km from Preveza/Aktion airport. It is an attractive fishing village with a beautiful beach and cove. If you are for a lively resort full of bustling streets with all sorts of lovely shops, bars, and restaurants, then Parga is a perfect destination. It can also serve as your base for road trips to explore places both on the mainland and in the Ionian Sea. A rental car will be useful and convenient.

Prague (Czech Republic)

Right from the middle ages, Prague is considered one of the most attractive cities in the Czech Republic. Many names, such as “Crown of the world,” “City of a Hundred Spires,” “Golden,” refer to this city. It is located in the central part of Europe, and its historical center is one of the World Heritage Centers as per UNESCO. It is an attraction that you should never miss. The vibrant cultural heritage will also make you excited at this place.

The Best Places to Travel in Europe - Prague

Vienna (Austria)

Austria is also one of the countries in Europe that has been less affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Vienna, Austria’s capital, is visited by history buffs, lovers and families looking for a safe and peaceful destination. It is one of the European cities with the best quality of life, has many parks as well as a sound transport system, making it an excellent compromise for city breakers, history buffs, and nature lovers.

Wroclaw (Poland)

Wrocław is the largest city in western Poland well-known for the impressive and unique Panorama of the Battle of Racławice, a painting depicting the 1794 battle for independence. If you wish to ensure a “Wow” effect, love the trendy bars in Amsterdam, the youth of Barcelona or Lisbon, and the energy of Berlin, you can get everything in this destination for sure. The incomparable architecture is yet another attractive aspect of this place.

Parting Thoughts and Reminders

We hope that we have provided you good ideas for the best places to travel in Europe and be safe. But when we all plan to resume our travels, we should all be reminded to practice the health and safety protocols required, in particular: be mindful and vigilant of physical barriers, social distancing, wearing masks when possible, and necessary. And if your health condition does not warrant, please do avoid traveling for now. It is our shared responsibility to protect each other.

If you feel like planning a trip to a safe European destination this summer, check out useful travel planning guides through the banner below,

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If you have any experience or insight in any of the above destinations and would like to share them, kindly leave your comments below.

Comments (6)
June 19, 2022

That’s a really good read and some suggestions that I wouldn’t immediately think of. I’ve recently relocated to Dublin in Ireland (originally from Australia) so am certainly looking to get to the continent as much as possible. Portugal looks stunning so I may have to elevate it up the list. God willing Covid-19 runs its course sooner rather than later.

All the best – Jason.

    June 20, 2022

    Hi Jason,

    Thank you for your comments. Yes, Portugal indeed is a great destination – more so at this time as they are among the countries least affected by COVID-19. We love to go on river cruises as compared to ocean cruises and were targeting a river cruise in Portugal this year but had to be canceled. We hope to do that soon.

    Interesting to note that you originally came from Australia. We have visited Melbourne once and hope to check out other destinations there as well. Which part of Australia did you originally come from?

June 19, 2022

It is great that travel in many parts of Europe is opening up again following the C19 crisis. Fascinating that the structure of the Azores is part of an underwater volcano. I have always been interested in visiting and you make it sound very inviting. My wife is an avid fan of Ertugrul and Osman on Netflix and so Turkey is definitely on our “bucket list “ now, Antalya with its Roman and Greek ruins sounds wonderful. You also make Budapest sound really inviting. In fact, all of the destinations you list sound terrific and perfectly feasible with the right precautions. Where are you heading next?

    June 19, 2022

    Hello Trevor,

    Thank you for your comments and insights.  We are sure you and your wife will enjoy Turkey, Antalya, or Budapest.  

    In the case of Budapest, it was our disembarkation port of our Romantic Danube River Cruise.  It had so much to offer that we in fact decided to extend our stay there for a couple of days for us to really imbibe the city’s local vibe and we did not regret it.

    For our next trip when things are fully safe, we are thinking of the Lofoten Islands in Norway (would like to personally experience the Northern lights) or the Scottish Highlighlands (Zen was an avid fan of the Outlander series), perhaps taking a road trip from Inverness to Edinburg

    What about you?  Any travel plans you are targeting? 

Drea Marlow
June 19, 2022

Hello, while a lot of European countries are opening the boarders again, I would recommend to anyone travelling to Europe to check the  Covid-19 rules and regulations of each country. There are still travel restrictions for most of the European countries ranging from a travel warning 4 (security risk), 5 (partial travel warning) and 6 (travel warning). Rules and regulations are subject to change,so it´s best to keep checking. Having said that, the destinations you have written about are all wonderful places to go to. Europe is so rich and full of culture and there is so much to discover. I would personally avoid very touristy coastal towns like Antalya during the summer, as all the Europeans are on summer holiday too. A trip through central Europe, Budapest, Vienna, Prague can be fantastic though and if you are in need for a bit of coastline, I would recommend heading down to Croatia. Enjoy!

    June 19, 2022

    Hello Drea,

    Thank you for your comments and for the reminder as well to all to check the updated COVID-19 rules and regulations of the countries included in the intended travel itinerary.  You are absolutely right that things may change from time to time.

    Yes, we find Central Europe quite enchanting and so rich in historical attractions and culture.  We enjoyed Budapest last time we were there as part of our Romantic Danube River Cruise that we decided to extend our stay for a couple of days.  

    We wanted to visit Prague as well as one of our friends relayed to us about their trip there.  But we ran out of time and will have to remain in our bucket list for now.  Have you had the chance to visit Prague and if so what did you enjoy most?

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