What Is The Best Way To Start A Blog?

Do you love to travel and like to write and tell your stories? As mentioned in an earlier post, why not be a travel blogger? In this article, we answer the question: What is the best way to start a blog, in particular a travel blog?

It may appear complicated and daunting at first, particularly for beginners. But in reality, it is quite simple, and there are various tools you can use to make the whole process easy. All you need is to know a few necessary steps and guidelines, which we will take you through below.  While our focus is on a travel blog, such measures are certainly applicable to any topic/niche.

Decide Your Travel Blog Name

Looking for the perfect name for your travel blog could be one of the toughest parts when starting a successful travel blog. Remember that people will associate you with your blog through your website’s name.

Make sure that the name is memorable, preferably short and easy to remember. Avoid using similar overused words, numbers, hyphens and other characters.

Decide on a Web Host

Hosting for your travel blog is another challenging and essential aspect of your eventual success. It refers to the technology infrastructure that will serve as the home for your travel blog.

Looking for a web host typically means that you register with a company that will rent you storage space on its computers so that your website lives there. The host is where all the data, photos, and files used by your blog will reside and which users across the globe can access whenever they key in your domain name.

Install WordPress

WordPress is an open-source content management software that is a top-rated blogging tool and is free. The majority of professional websites use WordPress as their blogging platform today, including prominent brands such as BBC, New York Times, and Time.

To start a successful travel blog, you would need a self-hosted WordPress account. It will enable you to be in control of how your site will look to the readers, in addition to the content that you will publish.

Installing WordPress is simple. It can be done automatically through a click of a button. After installation, you can log into the dashboard of WordPress with your user credentials and start the process of building your travel website.

What Is The Best Way To Start A Blog - WordPress Logo

Learn How To Use WordPress

You have no reason to feel intimidated by WordPress. The software is the industry standard as far as blogging platforms are concerned. Plus, it has been there for several years now.

The software itself comes with an extensive library of WordPress lessons that is free and comes handy to get you started. Your web host would also likely provide you with guides and tutorials.

Choose Your WordPress Theme

WordPress Themes are ready-made website design layouts or templates created for WordPress. These templates are available to be leveraged for building your blog from scratch or easily revamping an existing one.

Your new travel blog on WordPress would typically feature several free standard designs and “themes” you can use. Most of them can serve your purpose and provide you with that professional look.

Once you progress to a more serious and professional level, or you want to concentrate on the content instead do the design work yourself, you can always purchase a premium design. Any professional blog theme typically costs around 50 USD. These themes will enhance the functionality and appearance of a web site greatly.

A majority of professional themes offer a support forum where you can shoot your queries about customization. Somebody will surely assist you in achieving the appearance you wish to have. Alternatively, you may want to hire the services of an experienced web developer to customize the look of your travel blog.

Install Essential Plugins

WordPress plugins are 3rd-party apps for any travel blog. May. These plugins offer additional features to your blog. While a majority of plugins are free, you may have to purchase some of them. It is possible to download new plugins by going to your WordPress Dashboard’s “plugin” section.

Create Your Distinct Online Persona

An important task to be completed to start a successful travel blog is to create an about page for your website. It can be one of the most visited web pages on your travel blog.

Your About Page informs your visitors who you are, your background, and explains the reason why they need to follow you. It establishes trust, a key ingredient to success. Also, make sure that your page is personable, fun and engaging.

You also need to utilize social media extensively to start a profitable, successful travel blog. You should post regularly on social media platforms. Mastering social media is a mammoth topic but, to begin with, you should sign up for the major platforms. It is an excellent practice to keep the same user name for all the social media websites so that you are not confused later.

What Is The Best Way To Start A Blog - Social Media

Why Not Earn Through Your Blog?

It is highly likely that in the beginning, your friends and family would be your only readers. Nothing wrong with it. Many successful travel bloggers started in that manner.

To eventually generate income, your blog needs to have a bigger audience, outside of friends and family. The more web traffic you have for your travel blog, the higher the chance to earn money from your site.

It will take some time to expand your audience and increase traffic. Do not be in a hurry to earn money instantly. Instead, concentrate on growing your content and building an audience.

Once your blog is appropriately set-up and having an audience, there are so many ways to leverage your blog and start generating income. That time will surely come.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the above article has convinced you that starting a blog (a travel blog or any blog for that matter) is not so daunting and complicated, even for beginners.  All you need to do is decide the name for your blog and where to site it.  Then install, learn and apply a website builder and content management system (we recommend WordPress), and you will be on your way.  Do not forget to establish your online persona and start letting the world know about it.  Once your blog gains traction and traffic, monetizing it will be relatively easy.

Would you now like to begin your journey towards a successful blog (travel or otherwise)?  Click the button below to check out our review of a platform and resources that will give you a head start:


If you have additional queries or want to share your insights on the topic, please leave them through the comments section below.

Comments (8)
June 25, 2022

Great article! I am a web developer so I can say that creating a blog could not be explained in simpler words than this. I would like to mention two things just which might give you room to improve:
1. In some way the article gave me impression that it was motivating the travelling blogs rather than talking about blogs in general, if that was because travelling is your niche, then its totally fine but if not, maybe this post should be more focussed on the blog than the type of it?
2. The final thoughts are mostly about leaving comments rather than providing the extract of the article, sometimes people just jump to conclusion part and actually read the whole thing if conclusion attracts them, its sort of the novel’s back page content for them. However, I am not sure how common is that so just wanted to say, maybe consider putting more thoughts in writing the conclusions?

Again great work, truly appreciated, keep it up!

    May 26, 2022

    Hi Abhay,

    Thank you for your feedback and insightful comments. We will surely make updates to the article to incorporate the improvements you have suggested, particularly on beefing up our final thoughts and provide a concise summary. Coming from a web developer, we are glad to know that our article made the topic “creating a blog” simple to understand.

    Regarding your query, yes our niche is travel and the was the driver why our article started off with “creating a travel blog”. It is actually a follow-through from our previous article that suggested being a blogger is one of the “ways to get paid travel”.

    Once again, thank you and all the best to you.

June 21, 2022

This is really good to see here as you have summed it all up. First thing for me is to have the determination and the courage to pursue the goals hungrily and start the blog exactly following your guide here and though it requires serious dedications and commitments. This is a great one and thank you for sharing here with us

    June 21, 2022

    Hi Ella,

    Thank you for your comments.  Glad you found it useful.  Should there be anything that you feel we can help, kindly let us know.  All the best.

June 20, 2022

Such a great site, and it really will help people that are looking for a new venture.  I like your step by step explanation of how to get your own travel blog going.

I really like your site and you did a really great job with this post, so thank you.

    June 20, 2022

    Hi Coralie,

    Thank you for your comments and kind words.  We are glad you found useful our step-by-step discussion of how to get your blog going.  If you have any questions or areas which you would wish us to expound on, do let us know


Steve G
June 19, 2022

I have always wanted to share the experiences that I have had when traveling. Over the years I have had a mixed bag of experiences ranging from very bad to very good.   With the current COVID-19, I am stuck at home and have the time now to set down to write. 

I have confidence that I could eventually handle WordPress – is there someone or a program that could help me get started?  It sounds a little too bit complicated just to just jump in by myself.   In addition, while your post really did a very good job of summarizing what I need to do, is there someone or a program that could also help me to get started?

    June 20, 2022

    Hi Steve,

    Great to know that you have a mixed bag of experiences over the years.  They would indeed be a great source for your content.  And the fact that we are all stuck at home gives us the opportunity and the time to write and start your travel blog.

    Yes, there a tons of resources out there.  One that has worked really well for us is Wealthy Affiliates.  We in fact did a Wealthy Affiliate Review in a separate post discussing our experience with WA.  We recommend you check it out.

    Thank you for sharing and all the best in your blog.

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