Why Travelling Is Important – To Enjoy Life

Why is travelling important? Travelling is a personal experience, and its importance is dependent on one’s perspective, and the intent and purpose of the travel in the first place. For us, these are the reasons why.


Broaden Perspective

We are now living in a great country that is part of the modern world with all the comforts, amenities and opportunities. Earlier in life, we grew up and lived on that side of the world that is not so blessed with such comforts, amenities and opportunities. In both scenarios, we would typically tend to assume that everyone is in the same situation and can be oblivious to the fact that things can be different for others.

Regardless of where we came from or grew up, travelling is a great neutralizer.  It serves as a wake-up call and forces us to look into our situations in life from a broader perspective and to count our blessings.  Instead of defaulting to a mindset that everything revolves around us, travelling allows us to appreciate what we have as compared to others who may be in opposite situations.

Things that we consider essential may not be as important to others.  In the same token, things that we assume to be trivial may be a big deal to others.

Experience New Things

Travelling allows us to experience new things and triggers our curiosity, another reason why travelling is important to us.  Our travels have brought us new experiences in various dimensions, and they were exciting, incredible and sometimes unexpected.

Discover New Places

Travelling allows us to explore and experience new places that otherwise we would just have seen in social media, pictures, TV or the movies. It connects us to nature, to the minds of the remarkable individuals who have given the world their marvellous works, and gives us a surreal experience of significant historical events.

Immerse in Other Cultures


We now live in Canada, have lived in Asia and travelled quite a bit in Europe and Australia.  Notwithstanding, new travel always allows us to immerse ourselves in the culture of the new places we visit.

When we are on a pre-arranged tour or cruise, we usually spend an extra couple of days on our first or last port-of-call.  The additional days give us the chance to freely explore the cultural diversity that exists and get a feel for the local vibe.

Discover Various Flavours

We used to be less gastronomically adventurous in the past. However, having lived in various multicultural cities, we have been exposed and come to appreciate and love the varied culinary experience.  Travelling offers us the opportunity to further discover and experience new flavours and delicacies from other parts of the world.

Experience New Adventures

Travel gives us the thrill and excitement of new adventures, particularly those in our bucket list. Whether it is the challenge of trekking, mountain-climbing, looking for wildlife, or experiencing the adrenaline while plunging through the zip line – the experience is always unparalleled.

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Meet People and Gain New Friends

Another reason why travelling is important to us – It paves the way to meet people and gain new friends from across the globe. We recently went on a river cruise and did not have other members of our family or close friends with us.  By the end of the 8-day cruise, we met and established friendships with several couples from different parts of the world that we have continued to have communication after.  Our interactions have provided us with excellent insights into their culture and way of life.

Strengthen Relationships

Travelling as a couple or as a family allows bonding time that helps in strengthening relationships.  Experiencing new things together is quality time that freshens up and enlivens relationships.

Relieve Stress & Rejuvenate

We are all caught in our daily grinds, which can drain us out. The rush in our modern worlds and the availability of modern communication gadgets, while useful in connecting people, can put a lot of stress on everyone.

Travel and vacations are refreshing and rejuvenating stress-relievers.  Whether it is a simple day trip to a quaint town, a plane ride to another country or an ocean/river cruise, travel allows us to recharge.

Self-Discovery & Transformation

Another reason why travelling is important is it challenges us to get out of our comfort zone.  In the process, we discover we can do things that we initially may have thought we are not capable of doing.  For example, one may have an introvert disposition and prefer to listen rather than speak even in family gatherings.

Travelling allows you to meet and at times forces you to go out there and interact with people. You may get pleasantly surprised finding yourself talking a lot and conversing with new-found friends.  The new confidence that you would exude will transform you.

We think most people would agree that travelling enables us to be more adaptive and enhances our capability to overcome challenges. While our experience would be unique to us and seen from our lens, it gives us the realization that things can be seen differently by other people.  We become more tolerant and understanding of situations.

Definitely Travelling Is Important!

There could be challenges in some of our travels, but overall, the benefits we gain outweigh them. The freedom from deadlines and stress at work, the broadening of perspectives, the discovery of new things, the chance to extend our network, meet people and establish new relationships, the opportunity to discover more about ourselves and improve relations – all these contribute to a more meaningful, healthier and happier life.

One final note

With all the new experiences, we always make sure that we capture the memories, be it through our cameras or our cellphones. Once back home, we would typically select the best shots that speak to our experience.  Having them printed in a photo album, they could be great conversation pieces when we gather with family and friends.

If you have insights on this topic, we invite you to leave your comments below.

Comments (6)
June 11, 2022

First off, your website is beautiful! Second, I agree with every point you make here. Traveling opens the mind and heart. It makes you a more well rounded and compassionate person. It challenges you in way that you never thought possible but the experiences make you stronger. Thank you for your post. I love it!

    June 11, 2022

    Hi Virginia,

    Thank you for the compliment. Yes, we have gone through the experience and we do hope more people will also be inspired to venture out there and realize the benefits of travel.

June 3, 2022

I couldn’t agree more with your post and point of view on the importance of traveling. I’ve lived in a few different countries in my life and now have friends from all over the world. I’ve grown so much as a person through my exposure to many different cultures and from learning about issues from their lenses. Its been difficult for me these past two years I’ve moved back to the United States where I find it challenging to meet people who have had to step outside their comfort zone the way travel requires you to.

May 28, 2022

I have to agree with you that traveling is of enormous benefit to us especially if we can forget who we are for a while and just immerse ourselves in a different coulure. We can learn so much about other people, places, and what I have found is that it makes me realize that we are all very similar in the desires we have for ourselves, our family’s and our friends.
We all need the necessities to live, like clean water, enough food, and adequate shelter. And on top of this, we also want to be loved, respected, appreciated, be happy and healthy, and to be able to feel safe.
I find that my friends who haven’t traveled do not understand this as well as those who have traveled, and those who have traveled extensively have more compassion and tolerance and respect for all other people on the planet.
I wish you well in getting your message out that Traveling is good for everyone.

    May 28, 2022

    Thank you very much for taking the time to comment on my post and share your perspective.
    All the best as well.

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